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Treatment Options

Our private, inpatient alcoholism and drug addiction treatment is based on a 28-day model, but a stay can be longer when clinical assessment warrants extended time on campus. All patients participate in daily group therapy, led by their assigned certified addiction counselor, and individual therapy with the same counselor. Groups are usually limited to eight patients, so each person receives individual and personalized attention from their counselor throughout their stay on campus. Inpatient treatment is available for adults age 18 and older.

Father Martin's Ashley Treatment Options for treating Drug and Alcohol Addiction


  • Primary Treatment is offered for patients who have never received treatment or have little knowledge of addiction and recovery tools and terminology. The treatment program embraces and reinforces 12 Step recovery methods.

Relapse Treatment

  • Patients who have relapsed after previous completion of inpatient addiction treatment, and/or extended regular participation in a recovery fellowship may qualify for our specialized relapse treatment program. This program was pioneered at Ashley, based on the Gorski relapse model, and thoroughly explores the causes of relapse for patients that have difficulty maintaining sobriety. The goal is lifelong recovery once the patient completes the program.

Pain Recovery Program

  • At Ashley, we understand that there are distinct physiological and psychological differences between a patient who has become addicted to medications intended to manage the symptoms of pain and one who started using drugs for the "high". A person with an underlying, painful health condition needs treatment that simultaneously treats their pain, and their dependence on medication. The Pain Recovery Program at Father Martin's Ashley is designed to concurrently treat these two serious health issues.

Women's, Men's and Young Adult Tracks

  • Within both the primary and relapse treatment programs are gender-responsive therapeutic tracks geared specifically towards women, men and young adults. Through breakout group discussion, lectures and activities patients are able to explore issues more common to their gender and/or age group.

Family Program

  • Addiction is a disease that impacts the entire family, so the weekend Family Wellness Program is open to the families dealing with addiction. Through education, discussion and therapy, family members can explore, along with their loved one (patient), the issues that have stemmed from the addiction and begin working toward open and honest relationships.

Community Programs

Spiritual Care

  • In the tradition of Father Martin, Ashley's pastoral staff offers optional pastoral counseling to patients desiring such services. Optional daily religious services are held in the campus chapel, and Catholic Mass is held each Sunday. For patients whose faith is not addressed by our on-site staff, we provide chaperoned transportation to off-site local services to meet patients' spiritual needs.
  • Ashley's spiritual support and programming provides patients a means to explore the concept of a Higher Power, which is a part of 12 Step recovery programs. We are not affiliated with, or supported by, any religious institution.

Recreational Program Highlights

  • Four-season recreation center with options for all ages—from ping-pong to free weights , Wii and aerobic equipment
  • Yoga and aerobics classes
  • Counselor-guided relaxation and mindful meditation classes
  • Arts and crafts instruction and activities
  • Outdoor activities—volleyball, shuffleboard, basketball and a walking/jogging track
  • Music For the Inner Self—a reflective, interactive music experience, held on campus
  • Therapeutic massage (extra cost)

Father Martin's Ashley Inpatient Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Rehab Treatment Center Treatment Options
The daily menu is planned and prepared by Chef Mac, a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America. Specialized meal plans to support dietary or religious needs are available through consultation with our dietitian and head chef. Kosher meals are also available.

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